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Dow AgroSciences to Launch a New Weed Control Tool in Corn

Posted by sonimanish Published on Fri, 2015-06-12 16:37

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Fri, 2015-06-12 (All day)

Dow AgroSciences is planning to release a new corn herbicide to control weeds deep into the growing season. Registration for this herbicide, currently referred to as GF-3471, is expected in 2016.

GF-3471 is designed to feature a novel formulation of three leading active ingredients that have not been included together in any previous herbicide. This exclusive formulation contains three modes of action and does not include atrazine or glyphosate. The intent of the herbicide is to exceed industry standards with strong, trusted residual control of many herbicide-resistant weeds, including Palmer amaranth and giant ragweed.

“Upon regulatory approval, this new herbicide could be an excellent way to give corn growers peace of mind that their weeds are controlled well into the season,” says Luke Peters, corn herbicides product manager, Dow AgroSciences. “We have learned in the past that providing trusted residual activity allows cornfields to stay cleaner longer, which can lead to higher yield.”

This herbicide formulation is expected to offer flexible application timing from preplant to early postemergence.

“The troublesome weeds growers face today are very concerning,” Peters says. “We look forward to offering GF-3471 to improve efficacy and help solve this ever-growing threat to yield potential. In early field trials, it has shown exceptional weed control.”

GF-3471 will be included in university field trials this year and will be featured in public Dow AgroSciences field plots. Developed to help growers meet the needs of their operations, this new corn herbicide will be a welcome addition to the current industry-leading Dow AgroSciences portfolio.