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Strong Surge- Hybrid Seed Corn-2016

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:  Head of Supply Chain-Asia at Seedworks International Pvt. Ltd.


Hybrid Corn Seed 2016

As acreages under maize scale a new high this kharif season aided by ample rains, the prospects of a good harvest have turned brighter this year.

Farmers across the country, lured by the relatively higher prices ahead of the kharif planting season, have sown an additional area of close to one million hectares (see table) under maize or corn this year, while the late planting was still going on in some areas.

The USDA has projected that India’s total corn output including kharif and rabi would expand by 2 million tonnes (mt) this year to around 23 mt.

The USDA has pegged India’s kharif corn output this year at 15.5 mt. Corn is the third largest cereal being grown in India after rice and wheat.The crop this kharif will be definitely bigger than the last two years on better rains

From a net exporter, India had turned a net importer of corn this year on decline in domestic output and rising consumption.

So far, the imports into the country this year were estimated at around two lakh tonnes.

“Though India is headed for a bumper crop, its re-entry into the world corn market would largely depend on the parity in prices,” said Rajiv Yadav, Vice-President, COFCO Agri.

The widespread rains this year could have driven up the acreage under the hybrids by around 10 per cent. It is estimated that the area under maize hybrids could be around 55% per cent of the total acreages.

Kharif Maize

With a Hybrid seed rate of 20-25 kg/hectare , Kharif corn seed  market could have reached to  the size of 100000 Metric Tons to 110000 Mt. ( A 2000 crore Market). 

The rising demand for corn as Animal feed and food is the key contributor for Hybrid Maize Penetration.The penetration of Hybrid cotton in India is almost saturated at 95%, while Hybrid corn penetration is around 55% providing scope for further expansion

The poultry sector consumes 13-14 million Tones .In the next 5 years, India's Domestic demand for Maize is foretasted to outstrip supplies. It is estimated that India's Domestic demand for Maize would be around 44 Million Tons by 2022.(MotiLal Oswal)

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