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Onion is one of the largest vegetable crops in Brazil. According information we estimated on the project above mentioned we found out onion is the specie in the third position in volume and fourth position in value among the ones we included on the project.

Being so important and in spite of the high percentage of OP cultivars utilization, onion is still a very important seed market in Brazil. Among the 17 segments that was part of the project, onion seed value is the second one.

The hybrid utilization by growers associated with high density system applied in central Brazil region is making the onion seeds market value keep increasing.

In the central region of Brazil growers use hybrids that cost about US$350-400 per kg of seeds while in other regions we see growers using OP varieties that cost US$50-80.

The positive aspect of this situation is that, there is a very high percentage of the market to be converted to hybrids which will have a tremendous increase in the seed market value. Part of the onion seeds sowed in the South of Brazil is produced in the States in the South.

Onion seed production field in South of Brazil


This information is provided by Marcio Nascimento, Consultor, MN Agro Consulting in seeds and  vegetables. www.mnagro.com.br