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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check your inbox of the email ID you gave while registering. Also you can check your Spam folder if it is not there in inbox. Also , please email us at info@seedbuzz.com. We will try to reach you as soon as possible.

Seedbuzz.com is a comprehensive web portal, which has been designed as a single window stop shop for all enquires on seeds. Seedbuzz.com offers a vast source of database and customized product offerings for all the stakeholders of the seed industry.

Seedbuzz is a brand under the company “N Buzz Business Solution Private Limited”.

The Buzz column displays the latest and upcoming (events, promotional activity) information.

Seedbuzz.com is absolutely free to register. You will find a “register” button on the right hand top corner of the page just below the search box. Through your email id you can register yourself through a simple login procedure.

There is a “My Account” option just on top right of the page. After once registering in Seedbuzz, You can login through your user name & generated password. You can change your password after logging in.

The “News” section shows current agricultural news, press releases of various seed companies. The “events” section gives information of upcoming agricultural, horticultural, seed industry conferences, conventions, meetings & events etc. You cannot upload directly on the website news and events section but you can email your content at info@seedbuzz.com and our moderators will do it for you.

The career section provides information both for the job seekers & employers. The job seekers will be able to find lots of agricultural job opportunities and can apply them over there itself by clicking the apply button. The employers can post different human resource requirements here; also they can get the resumes of the job seekers who apply for their postings by opting for the service. To opt for a service, contact us at info@seedbuzz.com. More information is available at Recruitment.

You need to go to ‘career’ section; you will be find different job postings there. If you are looking for any particular job, need to search through the ‘search box’ present there. The search can be done by “job title’, ‘description’, ‘experience’ and ‘location’ or likewise. You will get a detailed list to choose from after the search.


Here you will find different sections like research articles, patents, active forums & podcasts.

  • Research Article: These articles have been written considering different case studies, extensive research and following different journals. By following our research articles you will have a good knowledge of current trends, inventions, ethics and issues related to agriculture, farming & seed industry.
  • Patents: You will be find extensive database of patents of different agricultural products with their details.
  • Forums: Extensive discussions & solutions to various issues and subjects with respect to agriculture/seed industry. You can also participate in these forums by logging in and giving your views
  • Podcasts: Here in podcast you will be finding audio files of “Interviews of seed professionals & management”.

These articles have been written considering different case studies, extensive research and following different journals. By following our research articles you will have a good knowledge of current trends, inventions, ethics and issues related to agriculture, farming & seed industry.

Patents section has the existing patents of different agricultural products of US Government.

Through this you can advertise about your company on seedbuzz.com with a reasonable price. Your company logo will reflect on each and every page in seedbuzz.com. More details are available at http://www.seedbuzz.com/services/e-branding. You can avail this service by contacting us at info@seedbuzz.com.


You can advertise in seedbuzz.com by opting the E-branding service. We do have 3 different types of advertisement options.

  • Corporate sponsor: Company logo will reflect on each and every page
  • Page/Article sponsor: We would create a company profile and write an article about your company
  • Banner ads: You will be finding a banner on right side of the page which provides advertisements

You can get various agricultural industry news sent to your email through newsletter. You will find a newsletter option on top right of the page, you can subscribe though your email to get monthly or weekly newsletter.

Seedbuzz directory provides information of Seed Associations, Seed Companies, Seed professionals & Allied industries. You will find information about them like their origin, their profiles and their businesses.

You need to contact seedbuzz.com to get the contact details of people & companies present in Directory. You can contact us at info@seedbuzz.com

You need to click on the “Apply” button of any particular job to apply for it. Then you have to fill out the details it asks for, it also has an option to upload your resume. After all these fields being filled, you can finally “Submit” to complete the steps.

The forum topics provide the recent trends, discussions and new product information. If you need to participate in a particular thread, you have to register yourself in seedbuzz.com. If you are already a registered member of seedbuzz.com, you have to login to participate.

The groups present in the website are the different professional, organisational & business groups related to agriculture. To become a member you need to join the group, you will get updated information and discussions in that group. You can participate, post in that as a group member.

Through your dashboard you will be find information about the new people who are joining Seedbuzz. You can connect to them or other registered users by visiting their user profiles. Then you can follow that user or can become a connection of that person.

You can invite anyone to become a member of seedbuzz.com. You will require the email id of the person you want to invite. In your dashboard you have an option of “send invite”, through this you can send request to any email id to join seedbuzz.com and become your connection.

You can comment on any content in the website through the “post new comment” option given below the content. You need to login to comment on the content.

You can keep a track of your own postings, you can get notifications on your posts, you can edit your user details, you can check your payment details to avail any service & lots more though “My Account” option in seedbuzz.com.

You need to register through the “register’ button on top right. You will get a confirmation email in your email that you provided while registering. By using link in that email you shall be registered. After registering you can login through my account.

Yes, you could post articles on Seedbuzz. First you need to send your article with proper references to info@seedbuzz.com. Then it will be posted through your profile after being reviewed by us.

Yes you can buy the information present on seedbuzz.com by availing certain services.

Yes you can get updates on forums & newsletters by subscribing them.

Through the “unsubscribe from this post” option you can unsubscribe yourself from any content.

Tags are the refined keywords present in various contents in the website. Through them you can find the contents using those keywords.

There is no such option to get daily news updates in your email; however you can subscribe to the newsletter through email to get weekly or monthly updates.

You cannot add any contact directly; you need to send that contact information to info@seedbuzz.com; it will be added by us in the directory. 

We can provide you this information after your request. Through certain value added service you can download them.

When some other user or admin sends you message or sends some comments to your content this comes to your inbox as a message.

If you bookmark any content through the bookmark option present below the content to read or review it later; those contents will be visible under your bookmarks.

Your dashboard shows different links such as your recent posts, your comments upon different contents, currently active forum topics, online users for seedbuzz.com and new users who have recently joined seedbuzz.com.

We do provide extensive market research service for any product or service with respect to agriculture & related industries. To get more information on Seedbuzz market research kindly visit Seedbuzz Market research service page or contact us at info@seedbuzz.com.


We do have different pricing structure for different E-Branding methods, to get the details of pricing of methods you need to contact us on info@seedbuzz.com.

We would provide advertising solutions for your company, product or services through different options of e-branding like online branding, corporate sponsorships, and banner advertisements. Kindly go though our service page to get the details or contact us at info@seedbuzz.com

You have to subscribe our newsletter to get the recent updated information regarding news and events. You can subscribe after going to newsletter section.

You can promote your business through availing different services of seedbuzz.com like E-branding and Public relations. Also we can promote any event/news of your business.

You can directly find the list of companies by going to the company link in the footer menu under Directory. Or you can take the help of the search box present in directory, you can find different companies present in the directory with pagination.

Podcasts are the audio files in mp3 format. They are mainly interviews of different seed industry professionals & some tutorials.

Forums are the recent discussion topics which covers the recent trends in agriculture and seed industries.

You can find the other members who follow seedbuzz.com through the search box on top right of the page. You can also find the other members through your dashboard. It displays the other online users & recently joined members.

To upload any content on seedbuzz.com you need to register yourself in the website. You need to send the article first to info@seeddbuzz.com; after your article being reviewed, it will be posted on in the knowledge center as information shared by you.

If you are opting for public relation service, you will be getting media relations, publicity, new company and product lunches, news releases etc. with reasonable price. For more details please visit our service pages.


The Seed auction option in menu bar of website leads you to seed auction pages. Here you can register as a user. A user can bid or buy other posted auctions or auction their own seeds as a seller. Your surplus seeds will get bought by others at best price possible and if you need some seeds you can bid over those here.

You have to register/login on the seed auction page. Once you login you can see live auctions on the page. When you want to bid for particular seeds you can click on the bid now option and quote in your bid in enter your price section and add additional information and click submit. Similar procedure can be followed for Buy now.


It has following options

  • Buyer Profile- you can go through various live auctions and click buy now/bid now according to your need. You can also go through all details about the seeds before bidding/buying
  • My bids- Contains complete information of all the bids by you till now.
  • My buys-Contains complete information of all the buys by you till now.
  • Payments- This page gives you statistics about the auctions that are generated while using this application. This includes the various states your auction has passed till now.


It contains the following sub sections

  • Seller Profile- It has details about the sells and Bids which seeds put on auction by you have got i.e. list of sold seeds and list of seeds which have been bid for.
  • Create auction- Here you can create a auction for your seeds by filling in details about the same. Fields marked with red are compulsory to fill in.
  • My auctions- It gives complete details of all auctions started by you.
  • My Statistics- This page gives you statistics about the auctions that are generated while using this application. This includes the various states your auction has passed till now.

It gives all your personal details provided by you to us. You can edit this section by clicking on edit option.