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Plant Breeders - Vegetables-A.P and Telangana-DuFlora Agri Products Private Limited

Posted by Hima Published on Sun, 2017-07-16 16:55

Job details

"Andhra Pradesh", "Telangana"
Minimum 3 years in seed industry

agri jobs in india

Duflora Agri Products Private Limited

DuFlora Agri Products Private Limited is a Hyderabad based seeds company. The company is engaged in the business of Developing, Producing, Processing and Marketing Hybrid Seeds across the Country as well as Overseas. The company has presence across various field crops and vegetable crops. The company plans to launch new products and new technologies in Indian Market through internal development, indigenous/ global outsourcing and domestic/ international partnerships.

Duflora aim is to provide Best Product & Technology to farmer either developed internally or outsourced from across the globe. Duflora vision is to improve farmer prosperity through BEST Technology products along with BEST Quality and Service.

Plant Breeders – Vegetables

Role: Vegetable Breeder

Qualification: MSc(Ag) in Plant Breeding/ Horticulture (COMPULSORY)

Experience: Minimum 2 years experience in Breeding of Gourds (COMPULSORY)

Location: R&D Farm Near Hyderabad

The company is on lookout for Plant Breeders with MSc(Ag) in Plant Breeding/ Horticulture with minimum two years experience. The company's primary focus in R&D would be Vegetable breeding. The candidate should be willing to work across various vegetable crops and coordinate crop trials pan-India. The candidate would be responsible for all R&D activities in his/her crop. Retired Veg. breeders who are willing to work full time can also apply.

The candidate should be passionate about developing new hybrids and should be self driven, motivated and hard working with high career ambitions. The candidate will have a key role to play in the company and in overall strategy and growth of the company. The candidate should have lot of drive and zeal to positively impact farmer livelihood through BEST Technology and Best Quality Seed.

Information and Applications:

For more details please write to jobs@seedbuzz.com

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